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Stage 3 - Clockwork Casemod

Slowly moving along. Now that I have plenty of free-time until I start my new job, the progress should make leaps and jumps.

Thursday/Friday: I play around with the gears some more. Still working a couple of things out. I'll post a better explanation after I get everything completely worked out.

Tinkered around... got a gear mounted on the motor I'm going to use (see center of the above picture). Sipped on some Sanbitter to chase away stomach ills.

Here's gears with sparks...

Saturday/Today: Cut out the hole on one of the panels and am working to make the circle edges nice and smooth. And, yes, drinking chocolate port does make the cuts straighter. Don't judge me, monkey.

Other stuff:

Disassembled the gadget below. Various of it's parts will end up as components within the case. It's pretty nifty, it allows for remote on/off toggling, front USB panel, and temperature gauges.

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