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Stage 5 - Clockwork Casemod

Well here it is, Tuesday. I only have Wednesdays and Thursday left to work on this case before PAX. Thank my fore-sight and well-documented ideas to make sure this is going to get done on time. Wait, what? I haven't design/documented a damn thing? Oh well, err umm yes, it's all up here. *points to malformed skull*

First off, the back-lighting for the Big Ben face was was a little disappointing. The lights available for cases seems to only come in generic red, boring blue, and I-urinated-in-my-case amber. So if you want a different color or feel you can do one of two things.

1. Decipher the code of the power supplies outlets to find out what voltage is produced by which wire, use a PC board, use a couple of resistors and attach the LED of your choice. And this works if you want to go through that effort. If you want to get an idea of how-to I found this site pretty handy. I also cross-referenced the always handy wikipedia.


2. Crack open another LED light already designed for cases, unsolder the existing LEDs and solder the lights you want in.

I chose the later for the Big Ben back Light but chose the former for lighting the main case enclosure (will post that later).

The other thing I've did was roughly finished two of the main movements.

First a picture of the bases:

Assembled Movement #1:

Assembled Movement #2:

Movements with second plates:

I'll probably redo the top plates for both to the movements so that there is more visibility to the gears. And here's the entire collection. I'm only going to use two motors for the three movements. On e will run the top-viewable movements and the celestial constellations for the side panel. The other motor will run the movement visible from the front.

Well, that's it for now but I've still got another 6-7 hours of work left in me today. Right after lunch that is...
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