Bitterfun (bitterfun) wrote in casemod,

Stage 6 - Clockwork Casemod

First off, I want to thank whomever developed the dual heat source soldering iron. I have no idea why I was using the old 1950s version for so long. It heats up quicker and it provides some light on your soldering point.

I've completed a bunch of things. I've installed the motors and tested the gears. They work beautifully. I've mounted the gears. Unfortunately I only have one picture to show you and it's of an earlier mounting stage without the motor:

I've also gotten 2 sides completed. I just need to cut the window out of the top piece and... well do everything for the front side. That includes mounting the temperature gauges, toggles switches for the lights and motors, the power toggle, and the front USB ports.

I did get the DVD burner completed:

And let it not be said that working with clockwork movements is without its hazards. When I unscrewed my sample movement, one of the springs shot out and sliced right through my pants and a little skin.

I'll post more tomorrow. Hopefully, you'll see a finished product late Thursday night.

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