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Stage 7 & Final Result

Ok, I'll make this short and sweet... mainly because I'm at a convention (PAX) on 1 hour of sleep within the last 2 days. If you guys want I can answer any questions or elaborate further as soon as I get back (Monday).

CaseLED: This idea isn't original. Datamancer did a pretty cool steampunk art piece with a LED firefly in a light bulb. I decided to use the idea for a case light. I mounted two amber LEDs within a light bulb and connected it to the power indicator. Here's the start of it:

Here the me measuring out and gettin gready to cut out the spots for the gauges and toggle switches for the front panel:

Next three are showing the gear placements so I know how to best design/cut out the side/top/front panels:

Here's the beginning stage of the main side panel:

Here's a easy way to make toggle switches without dealing with soldering. Simply take the old front panel-to-motherboard wires and plugs and adapt them to work with your toggle switch:

And Finally, the end result:

I wish I had a little more time to put into this piece but a deadline is a deadline. I've already received hundreds of compliments at the convention. Unfortunately due to a lack of turn-out there isn't a casemod competition. :( Oh well, I had fun, and they are sliding me some loot for all the hard work.

Hang-Ups with rushing the job:
- only two of the three movements are functioning. A mishap with some super and an engine meant I'd have to wait until after the convention to fix it.
- a single dangling cord from that above mentioned motor, just happened to connect to the motherboard letting all of the magic smoke out. :( I lost the motherboard and the powersupply in the process. Fortunately I had a back up for both so I was still able to show the case at the convention.

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