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Yeah... so... I couldn't wait until the weekend and did a little tinkering on my case.

I figured since I had the time I'd do a little documenting the crazy that is casemod'ing.

Or it just could be my crazy... either way, it's not contagious. Well it's only sexually transmitted so as long as you don't lick your monitor you should be safe.

First, some tools:

Nothing too spectacular... just some brass-ager (yaaaahh!!!! acids!!!), a dremel, a rototool, some handy dandy blades with EZ-release dremel head, screws, nuts, liquid welder and some stencils.

Here's the stencil design, courtesy Photoshop 7.0:

I also find some soothing solace in measuring all of my screws. I find this much easier than reading the packaging. *twitch* *twitch* What?

Then I test some bit sizes for the screws so I don't end up making too big or small of a hole. After my last case, I tend to do a lot more premeasuring because mistakes are hard to cover up with metal....

I also got around to cutting the two under layers of the brass walls. Basically, I'm going to have 3 layers to each wall. A top layer with attachments to the case will be polished and shiny. The second layer will be aged and etched for shaded background and detail. The third layer will be the windows which I'll talk about later.

And to demonstrate my directorial retardation and hideous visage, I give you a brief two minute clip of me cutting brass.... OOOooOOOoooo....

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